New Microplane 3 in 1 ginger tool is being introduced at the National Housewares Show this month.  It can peel, grate and thinly  slice ginger.  The blade is also dishwasher safe.

Culinary Concierge Connection Cooking Classes

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              Vince and Phyllis Vaccarelli

​​​​​Hi Phyllis,
Again, thank you so much for the class last Friday morning!  It was just so much fun!  Your kitchen is fabulous and just perfect for a small group cooking class!  You a  wonderful teacher!

Michelle Pathman

 Hi Phyllis,
I really enjoyed the class @ your home.  You made us all feel really welcome.  The physical lay-out of the kitchen worked very well for the 6 of us.  We have plenty of room to work and were still able to see what else was going on with the other recipes.  As the others menti
oned during the class, your selection of recipes for the menu was an excellent balance of flavors and textures.  Thank you.

 As you know, I don't normally like hands-on classes, but I enjoyed this one.  It was the perfect balance of "already prepped" ingredients and what was left for us to do; and, with your teaching upfront on each of the recipes, I was able to get the jist of everything.  Also, having a helper there to really do the "heavy-lifting" on the serving and clean-up was great.I liked the "intimate" size of the class and that we had a chance to get to know each other over lunch @ your dining table.  

Mary Jung

 Dear  Phyllis,
I enjoyed the cooking class yesterday at your home.  I was so much fun cooking together and learning new techniques.

Karen Tews

 Dear Phyllis,
I really enjoyed the pressure cooking class today. Everything was delicious. I am so happy to have a new tool in my kitchen that I now feel comfortable using. The recipes you picked were great and started the culinary brain cells thinking of all the possibilities. The risotto was so creamy, the osso buco so tender and flavorful, the braised vegetables retained their color and texture, the pasta fazool with its perfect beans and pasta al dente, and finally a bread pudding in the pressure cooker! What a way to cook custard. All very impressive. 
I cannot wait for your cookbook. Your guidance and wisdom will make a lot of converts. 
Thank you so much.
Mary Anne

Hi Phyllis,
Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your pressure cooking class today as well as the other ones I’ve taken. The food was fabulous.
Fondly, Margo

Dear Phyllis
What a special treat. I had such a good time. All your recipes were delicious. Thank you very much.
 Your the best, Sharon

Vince Vaccarelli is a customer research specialist.  He has conducted hundreds of studies to guide client decisions that meet customer requirements, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and business growth.

 Vince started his career with Audits & Surveys, Inc.  He then moved to Xerox Corporation where he managed the Xerox Business Research Group for over 35 years.  Vince has developed several research techniques and was awarded a U.S. Patent for a web based customer satisfaction assurance system, Sentinel.

Vince is now an independent consultant supporting the culinary industry.  Among the special techniques used by Vince are the: Mystery Customer Observational Study; In-Depth Customer Interview; Focus Group Customer Interview; the Customer Check-In Web Survey; and the Communication Effectiveness Test among others.
Call or email Vince to discuss your customer research requirements,

 Vincent P. Vaccarelli, M.A.
 Customer Research Consultant

Tel:818 439-1403    





Culinary Concierge Conncection in Westlake Village was created in 2014 by Phyllis Vaccarelli, former owner and director of Let's Get Cookin' cooking school and store.

These are our services:

  • private and group culinary instruction
  • cookbook of the month club
  • home kitchen equipment evaluations
  • bridal registry recommendations
  • recipe testing for cookbooks and other media
  • weekly recipes/restaurant review blog
  • Restaurant menu consultations
  • new and useful equipment info
  • customer research with V.P, Vaccarelli,
  •  former market research director, Xerox Corp.

​​​​F​eedback from Students:

New and Useful Equipment Info

L​earn basic techniques and methods of cooking
poultry, fish, meats,
vege​tables, pastas,
grains,soups and sauces.

Methods include poaching, braising, Roasting, Pressure Cooking, Baking, Sauteing, Grilling, Deep Frying, SMoking, etc.

 Gluten ​free and vegan
instruction available.




​​​​​Is Your kitchen working for you?

Do you have the right pots and pans, gadgets, bakeware, smalL  appliances and storage for all your cooking needs ?  Are you a prospective bride looking for registry recommendations?

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